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Optimal Space - Transform Your Business

On the tail end of a long weekend, business owners are forced to reevaluate their operations. Did our marketing efforts bring in a larger crowd? Do patrons find us to be a go to venue for long weekends? And most importantly, did we optimize our space?

Retail space optimization takes two broad forms. The first type of optimization occurs at a store level. To do this, you change your product mix and store layout to best suit the specific needs of that site. The second level follows a similar process to other optimization procedures -- looking at each space's performance on the basis of a range of overall metrics to identify which spaces are performing well and which need more careful analysis.

Find out more at: https://www.reoptimizer.com/real-estate-optimization-blog/optimizing-your-retail-space

If you'd like help to optimize your retail or office space, the Cerberus team would be happy to help!

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