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Managing Business Risk

Excelling in business largely depends on risk management. If you take on too much risk, there is the potential your business could fail. Alternatively, if you take on too little risk, you could limit the company's growth and even lose market share to the competition.

Here is a quick look at how to manage risk in your business:

Identify Your Risks

Risk management is proven to be near impossible if you are unaware of your company's specific risks. Take some time to identify which, if any, of the following risks your business faces: economic, compliance, security & fraud, financial, reputation, operational or competition risk.

Once you identify the relevant risks, you can analyze them in-depth and alter your strategy.

Evaluating the extent of exposure and pivoting to minimize, or possibly even heighten, risk becomes that much easier following an in-depth analysis of your current risk.

Prioritize Your Risks

Most, if not all, company activities carry an inherent level of risk. Dedicate some time to writing all of your business activities down and identifying the risk level of each, prioritizing those which carry the most risk.

This way, you are aware of which activities need to be handled with more caution, need to be handled by someone with more experience or need to be completely cut out of company operations.

Assign Clear Roles

Delegation is important when running a business. In order to delegate effectively, though, each team member’s roles need to be outlined clearly. Without a clear outline of each staff member’s role, you run the risk of having the same tasks completed twice, or not at all.

It’s also important to clearly state which team members are responsible for managing which risks. For example, your accounting team or your bookkeeper would be responsible for managing financial and economic risks.

Contain the Risk

Sometimes, there are risks that cannot be avoided or prevented. Companies can choose to contain said risks while putting up safety nets.

For example, since all businesses need to access the internet, where hackers abound, they may put stronger firewalls and other protective measures in place to ensure their company’s safety.

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