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How Can Restructuring Enhance Your Business Development?

Have you been thinking about looking to increase your company's profit margins?

Or, looking for ways to have an edge over your competitors?

Consider restructuring as the magic wand to reaching your business goals.

Restructuring results in more success for your business if you first understand the fundamental strategic problems and opportunities that your company faces. Doing a deep dive into your business will help in determining which restructuring options best fit your business goals. Companies that recognize the need to restructure too late often put themselves in difficult situations as they are left with fewer options.

So, let's get to the fundamentals of restructuring and how it can help you in business development!

What is Restructuring and why should you restructure your business?

Restructuring is a common term in the world of corporate management. It is an action to recognize the legal, ownership, operational, or internal structures of a corporate company, intending to make business more sustainable and profitable. Or, for that matter, better organized and more competitive as per the prevailing economic conditions.

To enhance the existing potential and business health of a company, an organizational restructuring might be needed. Restructuring makes business more result-oriented with greater efficiency. It can also help your business leverage debt and pursue growth more smartly. Restructuring strategy involves recreating or redesigning operations with actions like a corporate spin-off, issuing tracking stock, doing a leveraged buyout, or repurchasing shares, and more. It may also require changing the management structures to emerge out of operational hardships. It helps to curb rising costs, manage debts, boost profits, or build a certain growth trajectory to avoid the distressed state of a company.

When is restructuring right for my business?

Businesses thrive only through sustainable profits. If you find your business at a difficult juncture or notice stagnant growth, then it might be the right time to explore options. Restructuring may be the boost necessary to revive your company. The sooner you seek professional advice on whether you need to restructure or not, the better it is for your company's financial health. It helps you adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

When the emphasis is on business development, restructuring is the way. The purpose of restructuring your company is not just realigning the structures - be it operational, legal or tax structures - but it is about addressing all of the underlying issues. Restructuring helps identify growth barriers and analyze the trend of the market.

Restructuring lets you identify core and alternative business income streams, aspects of the business that really add value. Restructuring is a necessary step to maintain the efficacy and performance of the business as a whole.

The company that adapts quickly to new challenges and executes well often enjoys the benefits in the form of business development.

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Common types of restructuring and business development include:

Preparation and execution of components of a business plan and financing proposal

Feasibility assessments of a private company’s financing options

Financing capacity and deal structuring considerations

Capital structure options and related valuation considerations

Ownership structures and voting rights considerations, and related valuation

Business Closure or Downsizing

• Downscoping

• Exploring leveraged buyouts

• Debt Restructuring

• Mergers & Acquisitions

There are different structuring methods as per your specific needs.

How restructuring can help in the development of your business?

When you opt for restructuring, you assess all the potential risks and downfalls of your business. Knowing where exactly you need improvement or modification can significantly help you in growing your business. This requires following the proposed structural changes to realize your business objectives, and for that, you should pick a strong team of competent and committed consultants who understand your vision.

As part of the process, potential funding, debt restructuring, and debt reduction solutions would be explored. These steps can considerably help in the development of your business. It is a must to hire exceptional consultants that offer reliable and exceptional business restructuring services.

Cerberus Consulting understands the exact expectations and goals of a business and hence delivers the solutions these businesses seek. Business restructuring solutions are a core competency we utilize to help businesses move forward in the direction that they’ve envisioned for their company.

Take a step towards maximized profits.

Contact one of our experts today for an unbiased and no-obligation consultation!

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