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Have Your Business Run Itself!

Countless hours are lost to entrepreneurs who haven't managed to streamline their processes. No templates in place, manual payroll, manual CRM - the list goes on and on. This day and age has granted us a world of softwares for business use that are both affordable and efficient! But how does a company find the most bang for their buck? How do you find the combination of softwares best suited for your business model? Here are 10 criteria to get you started: 1) Focus on your Business 2) Analyze your needs 3) Do research 4) Don't scrimp 5) Ask for help 6) Customize apps for your needs 7) Integrate everything 8) Get everyone on board 9) Communicate 10) Share your favorite software Find out more at: https://zapier.com/blog/best-business-software/ Let Cerberus help you find the perfect combination of softwares to have your business running itself!

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