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Court of Public Opinion - PR Strategy

It's summer, and it's the weekend. Everyone is out and about, putting their best foot forward. Public image doesn't only matter when it comes to how you look to the world, though, but also how your business looks to the world. How does the world view your brand? Building a public relations strategy will allow your business some control in how the public perceives your business. The goal of a sound public relations strategy is universal. Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. The path to building a successful public relations strategy can be boiled down to four steps. 1) Do your homework 2) Clearly define your campaign goal 3) Write your PR pitch based on your research 4) Identify and understand media targets Find out more at: https://www.meltwater.com/uk/blog/4-step-public-relations-strategy/ Let the Cerberus team help you build a PR strategy today!

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