Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial real estate is a big investment, and decisions related to it are even bigger.

Whenever market participants engage in buying, selling, renting, borrowing, or even leasing options, they rely heavily on commercial property valuation services. Assessing the value of a commercial property is often a complex process. Whether it’s a commercial shop, an industrial complex, shopping center, or owner-occupied business property, commercial appraisals involve a meticulous and subjective approach. 

With over 46 years of experience, we strive to deliver the finest service to all our clients. We lay a strong emphasis on attention to detail, transparency, customer experience, and trust. Our actionable analytics help our clients get a better and clearer understanding of the subject property. Not only do we deliver the most detailed insights, but we also ensure our clients are kept in the loop every step of the way.

You will also receive a detailed property valuation report which acts as an industry-recognized legal document to substantiate the valuation of commercial properties.

We review commercial properties from every angle to find the most appropriate and optimal value for our clients. We are here to simplify the most complex processes for you! Commercial real estate is a large investment, and our experts are here to help with your commercial property valuation.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal in edmonton, calgary, Vancouver and Toronto

Take Care of Your Largest Investment!

Some of the scenarios when our commercial appraisal services are required:


  • Mortgage Financing

  • Land Development

  • Separation of Marital Assets

  • Estate Settlement

  • Property Tax Appeal

  • Foreclosure

  • Investment Decision Making

  • Depreciation Allocation

  • Lease Rate Determination

  • Replacement Costs

Cerberus Consulting can deliver a comprehensive range of commercial appraisal in the region with offices in Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC, and Toronto ON.

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