Business Valuation Consulting

Cerberus Consulting has over 39 years of experience in comprehensive business valuation. This includes determining the potential of a business, as well as its economic value.

We use several methods to achieve the most accurate valuations as per market fundamentals. At Cerberus Consulting, we explore every angle and find the present and future value of the company based on the owner's interest in a business. Financial market participants ask for business valuations to determine the fair market value of any given business.

We do just that! 

With over 39 years of experience, business valuations is one of our core competencies. We bring to you our industry-proven and industry-specific models.

While valuing a company, we take into account all the factors that our clients that would affect the intrinsic value of privately-held businesses. We share insightful business valuation reports with our clients, uncovering the current and potential future value of a company.


Our team of experts perform in-depth market research to find the most appropriate value for a client's business.





Cafe Interior, Best Business Valuation Consulting firm in edmonton and calgary and Vancouver and Toronto

Know the Value of Your Business!

Why to opt for business valuation services:

  • Change of Ownership 

  •  Succession Plan/ Gifting of Shares 

  • Mergers and Acquisition 

  • New Shareholder/Partner/ Board Member

  • Fundraising/ Raising Investment Capital

  • Establishment or annual update of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

  • Separation of Marital Assets 

  • Estate tax purposes

  • Asset divestitures 

  • Investment Decision Making 

  • Audit Services

Cerberus Consulting Services is a trusted name for Business Valuation services in the region with offices in Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC, and Toronto ON.